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  • Q: Where was the project between 2018 - 2023 ?

    It took Earnie 15 BTC in crowdfunding (± $600K), another 10 BTC of his own crypto funds (~ $400,000) in manhours, and the closed beta launched on 5th of May 2015: Dutch Liberation day. It was a great experment, but had too many bugs features which would favor the admin, but not the average user. Thus it took rougly 6 years of research & development during the offline hours, to now have an eco-system of sites, of which is EarnWithEarnie.com is the portal, the mothership powering everything you could possibily imagine, and adding new features and sites on a roling callendar. Experience IT yourself!

  • Q: What happened to the 'self-expanding hybrid matrix' payplan?

    Having a payplan assumes owning a company. Having such a payplan is doable, the admnistrative backdrop? Requires an army of legal experts, virtual assistents, and what not to handle the payouts. Long story short: not going to do that. Not worth my effort. Not to say, that’s bad thing either! Now Earnie can simply give more and keep the platform simple through gamification and more bonus/incentives. We truly have something for everybody. Maybe now more than ever before.

  • Q: How much does it cost?

    Oh that’s easy question to answer. Nothing. 100% FREE. There are not upsales. No hidden fees. Nothing. Update Dec 2023: upon popular Telegram request there is however a coaching group that comes with a one-time $2000 coaching fee, and also unlocks access to certain parts to the size otherwise hidden. Do not feel pressured. Its only for those who like to work with Earnie 1-on-1.
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