2023 was the year Artificial Intelligence (AI) got BIG

Did you capitalize on IT ? Now you can.

During the summer of 2021 a friend of mine showed me Pancake Swap. Didn’t take me long after to learn all about this.

Karbon AI

Heard about this from another crypto friend in 2021 too, however at the time it was too expensive to get started with it. Thus at the end of August 2022 during a discount, I was able to get with $1000 and got very creative with boosting profits by altering configurations. Early 2023 joined the Beta of the new platform and the crowdfund towards Karbon Protocol which is the start of an eco-system of which Karbon NFT, launched in September 2023 is the first of many.

Karbon NFT: 4-6% guaranteed Rewards

As simple as 12 3456

4% of $86,400 equals $3456.

Income source

When you’re one of the lucky few to have a small $100K laying around, then the info below is for you too. To earn another the easy way.

My failures in 2022-2023: E1ULife, MIF, HBA

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